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    Library News Announcements/Announcements Display.aspx?ID=299 Announcements/Announcements Display.aspx?ID=299{a34022c0-c9d3-47b7-b606-15f20220e1a3}Library NewsThe Louisville Library visited SES and shared details of their<a href="" target="_blank" data-saferedirecturl=""> Louisville Library Summer Library Program.</a> I encourage families to visit the library, earn prizes for reading each day, and participate in the various activities all summer!  <br><br>We have already had 160 students sign up for the<a href="" target="_blank" data-saferedirecturl=""> SES Summer Library Program</a>, and  it is not too late to sign up and join the reading fun!  Plus, students can count their reading for both reading programs and earn double the prizes. Click on this<a href="" target="_blank" data-saferedirecturl=""> link</a> to sign up. The Summer Library program is open to all students who will be students at Superior Elementary next year (including incoming kindergarteners).<br><br>If you have any questions regarding your child’s library account, please contact Tracy Huffman at <a href="" target="_blank"></a>.<br><br><strong>Reading Over the Summer</strong><br>Over the summer, students in the primary grades can read a variety of books on<a href="" target="_blank" data-saferedirecturl=""> Tumblebook Library.</a>  Students in the intermediate grades can still check out a diverse selection of books on<a href="" target="_blank" data-saferedirecturl=""> OverDrive</a>!   To login to OverDrive, Students need to use their same school username and password.  Also, Capstone is providing<a href="" target="_blank" data-saferedirecturl=""> free access</a> to their Interactive eBooks collection from <span data-term="goog_825234662">May 1st to August 1st</span>!  Go to the<a href="" target="_blank" data-saferedirecturl=""> SES Library Reading Links</a> page to access Capstone (Username: summer18 and the Password: lovetoread).<br>
    Meet and Greet - Aug. 14 - 3:00-4:00pm - for students in 1st thru 5th Grade Only Announcements/Announcements Display.aspx?ID=307 Announcements/Announcements Display.aspx?ID=307{a34022c0-c9d3-47b7-b606-15f20220e1a3}Meet and Greet - Aug. 14 - 3:00-4:00pm - for students in 1st thru 5th Grade Only​During this time, you will meet your child’s teacher and new classmates.  With the excitement of the day and the one hour time frame, teachers will not have time for long conversations. We are all very excited to begin this school year and look forward to meeting your child and relieving some of the “first day of school anxiety.”<br>
    Welcome Back BBQ - August 14th - 4:30-6:30 p.m. Announcements/Announcements Display.aspx?ID=308 Announcements/Announcements Display.aspx?ID=308{a34022c0-c9d3-47b7-b606-15f20220e1a3}Welcome Back BBQ - August 14th - 4:30-6:30 p.m.​All families are invited to attend a Back to School BBQ that will be hosted by our PTA on <span data-term="goog_825234660">Tuesday, August 14th from 4:30-6:30 pm.</span> We will provide a main dish; families will need to bring their own side dishes, drinks and blankets. We will be gathering by the upper playground for this event as long as weather permits.<br><br>Sweet Cow will be at the school from <span data-term="goog_825234661">5:00-6:30</span>; bring cash if you would like a treat!<br>
    Superior Elementary PTA Update Announcements/Announcements Display.aspx?ID=259 Announcements/Announcements Display.aspx?ID=259{a34022c0-c9d3-47b7-b606-15f20220e1a3}Superior Elementary PTA Update<span data-term="goog_825234663"><strong>Monday, June 25th</strong></span> from <span data-term="goog_825234664">11:00 AM-10:30 PM</span> at Murphy's Tap House;<a href="" target="_blank" data-saferedirecturl=""> 585 McCaslin Blvd, Louisville</a> 720-612-4616 25% of the proceeds will benefit SES PTA if you mention the fundraiser when ordering. Murphy’s Tap House is family friendly and has indoor and outdoor games for the whole family to enjoy. To-go orders count too!<br><br><span data-term="goog_825234665"><strong>Tuesday, August 7th</strong></span> at Tilt in<a href="" target="_blank" data-saferedirecturl=""> Louisville; 640 Main St</a>. 303-997-9548 from <span data-term="goog_825234666">4:00 PM</span> - Close. Bring the family and enjoy food, drinks, and games! 20% of all bar and token sales benefit SES PTA. This is NOT a drop-off event, all children must be accompanied by an adult.<br><br>Follow us on<a href="" target="_blank" data-saferedirecturl=""> Facebook</a> and visit our<a href="" target="_blank" data-saferedirecturl=""> Website</a> for up to date information about summer gatherings, Spirit Nights, and announcements.<br>
    Kindergarten enrollment 2018-19 - now open Announcements/Announcements Display.aspx?ID=278 Announcements/Announcements Display.aspx?ID=278{a34022c0-c9d3-47b7-b606-15f20220e1a3}Kindergarten enrollment 2018-19 - now open​Kindergarten enrollment for the 2017-18 school year is underway!  Please enroll your incoming Kindergartener as soon as possible and spread the word to friends and neighbors.  Keep in mind that your student must be 5 years old by <span data-term="goog_471375952">September 30, 2018</span> to be age-eligible for Kindergarten.  Please call Superior Elementary School (SES) at <a target="_blank">720-561-4100</a> with any questions! Click <a href="" target="_blank" data-saferedirecturl="">here</a> to enroll and for more information.<br>
    Kindergarten Enrichment 2018-19 Announcements/Announcements Display.aspx?ID=279 Announcements/Announcements Display.aspx?ID=279{a34022c0-c9d3-47b7-b606-15f20220e1a3}Kindergarten Enrichment 2018-19​Kindergarten Enrichment (KE) offers  fee-based,  licensed child care program which are inclusive, caring communities that complement the BVSD Kindergarten program and allow children to have a full school day experience. Our experienced Specialist and staff create a joyful, dynamic community of lifelong learners who explore new ideas and interests together. They build social skills and facilitate learning using children's natural curiosity, imagination, and thinking skills. Registration opens for the 2018-19 school year is now open<span data-term="goog_471375953"></span>. If you are interested in more information please visit the <a href="" target="_blank" data-saferedirecturl="">Kindergarten Enrichment Website. </a><br>
    SES 2018-19 Event Dates Announcements/Announcements Display.aspx?ID=309 Announcements/Announcements Display.aspx?ID=309{a34022c0-c9d3-47b7-b606-15f20220e1a3}SES 2018-19 Event Dates​Click <a href="" target="_blank" data-saferedirecturl="">here</a> for important upcoming event dates.<br>
    The Summer Library Program is coming! Announcements/Announcements Display.aspx?ID=290 Announcements/Announcements Display.aspx?ID=290{a34022c0-c9d3-47b7-b606-15f20220e1a3}The Summer Library Program is coming!​Reading Takes You Everywhere!<br><br>Save the Date for our SES Summer Library Program<br>• Every <span data-term="goog_422204302">Thursday</span> <span data-term="goog_422204303">June 7 - August 2</span> (except <span data-term="goog_422204304">July 5</span>)  <span data-term="goog_422204305">4:00-6:00</span><br>• Open to all incoming kindergarten through 4th grade students<br>• Check out up to 5 books per student<br>• Earn prizes<br>• Find the right books<br><br>Please click on this<a href="" target="_blank" data-saferedirecturl=""> link</a> to sign-up to attend and also offer to volunteer your time and/or donate community rewards and prizes.<br><br>If you have any questions about the Summer Library Program, please feel free to email Tracy Huffman.<br>
    Internet Safety, Web Filter and Partnerships Announcements/Announcements Display.aspx?ID=303 Announcements/Announcements Display.aspx?ID=303{a34022c0-c9d3-47b7-b606-15f20220e1a3}Internet Safety, Web Filter and Partnerships​As technology use at BVSD grows, so do the questions and concerns about internet safety. BVSD is committed to continual improvement in this area which remains a priority as the internet grows and tools to help mitigate safety concerns evolve.<br><br><a href="" target="_blank" data-saferedirecturl="">Here</a> is some information on what BVSD does to help ensure our students are safe, starting with our web filter. BVSD’s Palo Alto firewall/web filter was purchased 3 years ago after a competitive search process. This top-rated technology is used by many school districts in Colorado and across the nation. At the elementary level, we block 26 categories and over 300 additional websites that have been brought to our attention by teachers and parents. <br>