Principal's Message


Welcome to Superior!

Superior Elementary school principal Kent Cruger

On behalf of the teachers and staff at our school​, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our school’s website.​

​Superior Elementary is a friendly neighborhood school offering an outstanding educational program to students in kindergarten through fifth grade. The Superior Elementary mission states that, “We will encourage all students to reach their individual potential by engaging in challenging learning experiences. We will prepare students to think independently, logically and creatively; to enjoy learning; to be respectful of others; and to act as responsible citizens.” Our academic standards are high and students come to school each day with an understanding of the importance of doing their best as learners. As one of the highest performing schools in the state, Superior has received the “John J. Irwin School of Excellence Award” nine times. While our school community is understandably proud of academic measures of success, we believe that all aspects of a child’s education must be addressed by our school’s program and we strive for continuous improvement. 

Students are provided an ambitious and rigorous course of instruction. There is strong team work among teachers across all grades and with our specialists. Everyone is involved and connected to each other, including parents and members of the community. Superior Elementary is committed to providing to all students a high quality education with an emphasis on student engagement, instructional differentiation and instructional complexity. Our staff members are dedicated to improving student achievement and having a positive impact on each and every one of their students. 

At Superior Elementary we are committed to creating an environment where students feel confident, respected and safe. Programs like Positive Behavior Intervention Support help to develop character traits. Each year students at all grade levels are recognized for their academic, artistic, athletic, musical and creative accomplishments. We have outstanding extracurricular programs, clubs, competitions, leadership opportunities and enrichment activities. Students run an effective student council; classes buddy up with others at different grade levels; and students, teachers and parents work together to plan community service projects. Our PTA provides fun family-oriented events, while raising money to support school-wide activities and field trips for students. Superior Elementary School is a wonderful learning community thanks to its committed staff, highly-involved parents and hardworking students. Together we create an excitement and love for learning designed to last a lifetime. 

Dedicated to education excellence,

Kent Cruger