Welcome to Superior Elementary

I am honored to serve as Principal for the Superior Elementary Community. My goals are to love, listen, and grow our students, teachers and families.  It is truly fantastic to become your new Principal and I welcome you to help me learn the ways of the Superior Stallions!

As we begin this year, I want to share that I am dedicated to leading our community members, families, staff, and amazing students so that all are heard, valued, seen and loved.  Our community needs to ban together and build back our foundations.  In my first 90 days as Principal, my plan is to place relationships first. As a leader and educator, I believe in the power of valuing our people who create a thriving Superior Elementary learning community.

Take some time to read the following slides to gain an understanding of how I plan to spend my time in our first 90 days together.  During my interactions and learning, I will uphold our Superior Elementary values of Respect, Acceptance, Responsibility  so that we create the most equitable and extraordinary experiences for our students, families and amazing staff. 

What keeps me inspired each day is my family, our school community, Pickleball and laughter!  

“Be Curious, Not Judgemental” - Ted Lasso 

Jonathan Stein