1st Grade

First Graders will have two types of homework during the week:

The first type of homework is reading homework and this makes up the majority of first grade homework. First Grade is a critical time developmentally when students need to embed the decoding and comprehension strategies they are learning. We expect children to read 20 minutes five nights a week in order to meet first grade literacy standards! Please help your child feel successful and confident in First Grade by making reading part of your daily routine. First, find a time of day when your child can focus and attend to reading best. Next, select a spot in your home where there are few distractions. Then enjoy listening to your child become a better and better reader! The first grade teachers want to support families and are providing a monthly incentive for any student who reads 400 minutes a month to encourage daily reading. Remember to count only minutes that first graders are reading. We encourage parents to continue to read to their children, but these minutes are not part of first grade homework. Thanks for supporting literacy at home!

The second type of homework is the weekly homework, which comes home on Fridays in the Friday Folder. These assignments will vary from week to week and offer enrichment related to a topic of study in the classroom. This should be completed and returned to school by the following Thursday.

If you need to print number cards for any math game homework- please click on the following link: 


Meet our First Grade Teachers

Jodi Mueller

Job Title: Teacher
Phone Numbers:
School: 720-561-4135

Ellen Vallee

Job Title: Teacher, Substitute

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