Class Supplies & Fees

Superior Elementary requests a school supply donation in lieu of school supplies being brought in by each student for the school year.  This has been a huge success, not only for staff members, but for our families by saving them time and money.   

The requested donation amount is $80 per student.  The funds collected through this supply donation will be used by teachers to purchase classroom supplies, student planners (grades 4-5), art supplies, magazine subscriptions, presentation, and annual consumables. Do to the rising cost of supplies, this fee will no longer cover field trip admission.

This year we also decided to add an OPTIONAL donation for specials teachers! If your child has a favorite special feel free to make an extra donation! Our teachers and students appreciate it!
We also request a $20 Technology Donation.  These donated funds help purchase student head phones, devices, and apps. 

Please make your donations here.  

Please contact the SES Office at 720-561-4100 with any questions or email our office manager with any questions or concerns at 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​This year all 1:web student fees will be paid online in Infinite Campus. If you are unable to pay the fee please be sure to fill out the free and reduced lunch form. This for is not only intended to help with lunch costs but fees as well. 

BVSD Fee Information