ABC Schedule

    New Art, Music and PE Schedule

    Beginning this school year, all K-5 students will receive equal instructional time in Art, Music and PE offered in a rotating daily schedule. The new model is called an ABC Rotation Model and will offer equitable instruction for all students in all content areas, with instructional time of 45 minutes per day.

    It works like this: Each day will be labeled an A (red), B (blue) or C (green) day.  If your student is in the class that attends the 45 minutes of Art on the A day, they will attend Music on the B day and PE on the C day throughout the school year.  We will be publishing an ABC schedule so that you can keep track of which special your student is in on any given day. 

    Please click here for the BVSD ABC Schedule.

    We consider this an improvement over the previous model for several reasons, 1.)  Each student will receive the same amount of art instruction as they do PE and Music; 2.) Students will have a predictable and consistent time each day for their specials - with our current model, students who are assigned to their special on a Monday or Friday miss that valuable instruction when there is no school -  with the new model, they will skip that day and continue with their rotation the first day back; and 3.) Increased job stability will be provided for our specialist teachers, with fewer teachers having to fill out their contracts by taking bits and pieces of positions that are available throughout the district.  We hope to have more teachers spend more time in fewer buildings, supporting ongoing relationships with staff, students and families.